Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SEO Material - Keywords in the URL name

Keywords in the URL name

What is a URL name?

The URL name is the part of the URL that comes between "www" and ". Com." It's the name of a site. For example, in the case of the URL, the URL name is "spearsolutions."

Why should I have keywords in my URL name?

Recently, search engines began to prioritize the use of keywords in a site's URL in their ranking formulas. Google and Inktomi are two engines that do this. Google is extremely important because Yahoo! uses it to supplement its search results.

Alphabetical priority and its influence

Some smaller search engines use alphabetical hierarchy in their ranking formulas. Also, directories such as Yahoo! and Open Directory Project list sites in alphabetical order.

Avoid Spam

Although directories may penalize you for misrepresenting your company's name, neither search engines nor directories will penalize you for inconsistent URL names. This means you can buy any second level domain name you want (as long as you don't infringe on others' trademarks and so on) and search engines will not penalize you for it.

Some search engines don't index URLs with the character "?" in them. However, major search engines
can index URLs containing numbers and characters such as "@."

An overview

URL Keywords

  • Name files with keywords

  • Consider alphabetical hierarchy

  • Look for a URL name containing keywords

Themes: New technology for ranking sites

Search engines and themes

What are "themes"?

Search engines define a theme as a common topic throughout the site. In an effort to provide their users with more relevant information, search engines developed sophisticated technology that "extracts" site's themes. This technology allows results to be more focused on the topic searched for. Hint: Think of themes as your most important keywords used consistently throughout the site.

Importance of "themes"

Themes technology is quite complex. It's used by some of the major search engines when indexing and ranking sites. Currently, AltaVista, Lycos and Google use themes as part of their formulas. Inktomi powered search engines, such as AOL, Hotbot, and MSN, also use themes.

Avoid the use of Spam

When trying to convince search engines of a theme on your site, avoid repeating keywords more than 3-7 times in the title or Meta tags. In the text, 3-7% of all words should be keywords.

An Overview


  • AltaVista, Lycos and Google use them

  • Inktomi should be joining soon

  • Determined by keywords in title, meta tags, text and links

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