Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to know your Competitors Traffic?

For Every Internet marketing Executive, to know your competitors traffic is important aspect for seo or ppc point of view. so many tools is available but that is paid alexa also giving traffic ranking but they dont give visitors. here one tools is there they will approximately visitors i.e statbrain its really give good data try it and find competitor vistiors and improve your traffic more than your competitors.

How accurate is Statbrain?
Statbrain estimates the number of visits that a website has based on offsite factors like backlinks, Alexa Rank etc. Statbrain does not have access to log files or any counter information. The number of visits that Statbrain estimates gives you an idea of the number of visits that a website has, but not the exact visitor number.

Visits not unique visitors
The number that Statbrain estimates is visits. It is also known as visitor sessions and indicates the number of visits that a website has. The number is not the same as unique visitors which usually is a bit lower. Visits should not be mixed up with hits or page views which are entirely different numbers.
source: stat brain

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