Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Domain Vs Keywords

Before registering your website, analyze purpose of registration I mean that if or business or services or social services or learning through adsense, any how before you registering your website please do keyword analysis. Its is very use full to you to get good ranking and traffic also here I explain how to do analyze

For example I have plan to start gifts site to deliver India and Hyderabad people

So my main keywords are – 1) gifts 2) gift 3) India 4) Hyderabad

Yesterday I given some important keyword analysis tools

On those tools you can find no. of keyword combinations

Gifts Hyderabad India

Gifts to Hyderabad India

Send gifts to Hyderabad India

Then you can check availability of above combinations in godaddy.com and other web hosting service sites.

remaining part i will discuss tomorrow

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